The Jonas Brothers didn't just get back together to create music. Their new documentary, Chasing Happiness, premiered today and was very revealing. It seems like the brothers wanted us to get the full scoop on what they went through before they split in 2013. They held nothing back. The new Jonas Brothers documentary reveals the true reason they broke up

Like any group of siblings, it's hard to get along. If you add fame, money, and opportunity to them, you're in for a ride. This is exactly what happened to the Jonas Brothers.

Before the Jonas Brothers were formed, Nick had a record deal with Columbia Records, but after hearing the other two brothers, the label signed all three. From this documentary, it doesn't seem like there was any specific reason that the brothers broke up. Instead, there were multiple small events that led to the public split. 

They were unhappy with their show on Disney Channel, as they felt like it was off-brand and set them behind with their career. Joe and Nick were also upset with Kevin for agreeing to do the reality show Married With Jonas that would put their personal lives out to the public. There was just a general tension between the brothers that led up to Nick's big outburst. 

In the documentary, Nick tells the camera that the three of them "hated each other" and just before he confessed his feelings to his brothers he "had a panic attack".

Not only were Joe and Kevin taken aback by the news, but they were hurt. Nick didn't just express his feelings about what the band has become, but he told them that the band was over without him. It's a miracle these three ever got the band back together. 

It was only fitting for Nick to be the one to suggest they start making music together again. It took some convincing on Nick's part for Joe and Kevin to agree. They reunited on one condition-they would "have fun together."

Their journey may have been a rough one, especially with the extra emotional attachment that comes with being siblings, but the brothers are thriving in 2019 and have pushed past all their difficulties. 

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