When you hear the name Jordyn Woods now, you automatically think of Tristan Thompson. Or you think, "How could she do that to Kylie?!" I think we're all on the same page about that. While we're over here trying to figure out the reason why she would risk everything for Tristan, Jordyn apparently has a reason. Jordyn Woods is blaming her whole cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson on being blackout drunk

Jordyn, sweetie, haven't you seen the movies? Don't you know blaming alcohol is the worst thing you can do? According to TMZ, Jordyn's whole story is that she was blackout drunk. She's been trying to reach Kylie and Khloe and explain all of this, but they're not buying it. 

You can blame it on the alcohol all you want, but that excuse is super old. TMZ also noted that Jordyn was really drunk before she arrived at Tristan's party, and she "doesn't remember getting there". That's a classic line if I've ever heard one!

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It's been almost a week since Jordyn and Tristan's cheating scandal news brokeand we all still can't believe it. All of the Kardashians, including Kylie, have cut Jordyn out. So much so that Jordyn moved back in with her mom... so sad. Jordyn apparently cried when she 'remembered' that she hooked up with Tristan. I think we all would!

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Don't worry, though. If you haven't had enough of this Jordyn Woods scandal, it was all caught on tape for Keeping Up with the KardashiansSome people think that this was all for views and ratings for the show, but I beg to differ. 

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