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Justin And Selena's Relationship Is On The Rocks... Again And Here's Why

Not again!

It looks like everyone's favourite on-again-off-again couple is well.. off again.While Justin and Selena have definitely been getting closer than ever after Justin brought her to his stepdad's wedding as a  guest (and the world seeing them engage in enough PDA to last a lifetime), it seems they are taking time to seriously cool off.

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The news comes from E! after sources say that both Selena and Justin are taking time apart from each other. The reason? It apparently has a lot to do some little disagreements they've been having together and one certain fight that ended up blowing up, resulting in the "break up."

Though don't count these two out! The "break up" isn't anywhere near official considering both apparently agreed just to take time apart for a bit to cool off, but are 100% expecting to get back together with each other. They just need a bit of a breather is all!

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It's fair to expect considering the amount of media that's been following them alone could be a reason to need a break let alone how fast their relationship has been moving forward since they started seeing each other again in November. At the end of the day though we just wish the best for them!

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