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Justin Bieber Changed Up His Look And The Fan Reactions Have Been Savage

Oh Biebs!

Justin Bieber has been an even hotter topic than normal lately. Not only did Jelena stans have to officially mourn the loss of the most on again/ off again couple in Hollywood in the past decade - but it seems that Justin has moved on and there are multiple photos and stories to prove it.  

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However, at the end of last week, it wasn't his relationship that was making headlines but rather his new look. It's not really a surprise to say that it's been awhile since we've seen the put together and polished Bieber of 2011 and of late he's been favouring a more hipsters look.

According to fans though he's really struck out with his most recent fashion choices and general style and it all played out in the Instagram comments of his newest post. 

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In the photo that sparked all the comments, he is seen wearing a colourful flowered shirt, a white bandana wrapped around his long tousled hair, and a light mustache ... all of which did not have his fans swooning. 

To say that fans are eager to see him clean cut and back to his trend-setting self would be an understatement. Many have also offered up the theory that the new lax Bieber is all due to Selena being out of his life. 

Others are making unfavourable comparisons to him and singer Post Malone. 

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In general, there are some comments from fans asking when he'll come to their city, other comments from people wondering about his romantic relationships and then a ton from people who've just been straight up mean. 

"You're ugly"

"Dude still hasn’t showered since Coachella..." 

" You look very bad..not nice at all"

 "Go to a barber shop god damn it"

"Man he turned weird lmao"

"shave your head and mustache"

"Ohmmmmmmmmmmgod what happened?"

" Justin looks homeless but I still love him"

" He looks like hasn't washed himself for a long time" 

"this is awkward"

Damn i haevnt checked in Justin myb 2 years.HE LOOKS 10 YEARS OLDER WTF

Why anyone thinks they can dictate how a person looks or spread hate based on something as simple as an outfit or haircut is beyond us. However, it would be wise to remember that just a few years ago, fans didn't find it funny when Justin deleted his social media accounts due to invasive and mean comments. And he may do it again if people are too negative! Fortunately, some fans are here to remind others to live and let live: 

"Y'all leave this man the f*ck alone, damn. Hes doin his thing. He dont gotta live for yall."


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