Justin Bieber fans are coming after Hailey Baldwin again. But this time, it's even more messed up. We all know there is some sort of 'love triangle' that Justin Bieber fans have made up between Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber, and his ex Selena Gomez. While the two have reportedly not been in contact since their breakup in March of 2018, fans are still rooting for them. Justin Bieber fans are blaming Hailey Baldwin for his depression because she "took him away from Selena Gomez"

Even though it seems like there wasn't, there was a two-month break in between Justin breaking up with Selena and dating Hailey. However, fans don't see it that way. Justin revealed a couple of weeks ago in an Instagram post that he has been "struggling a lot", and fans definitely ran with it. While a ton were supportive, others put the blame on his wife, Hailey. 

For some reason, fans are not a fan of Justin and Hailey together. They have a lot of history together and for all of their relationship, they have been telling Hailey to stop copying Selena Gomez. Now, they're telling her she's the reason Justin is depressed and it's because she "took him away from Selena". You can read some of the comments below: 

Via haileybieber

Via haileybieber

Via haileybieber

Justin Bieber fans are super persistent as well, leaving thousands of comments on Hailey's Instagram telling her to leave Justin alone. Hailey has addressed these comments so many times, even talking about comments comparing her to Selena, even though she doesn't say her name. In a post about her goals in 2019, she said, "It’s hard finding who you are, but what’s even harder is being picked apart and compared to other women while trying to do that." 

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Even though Justin is struggling a lot, sources say that Hailey has no plans to leave the relationship and is sticking by him in this time. I think it's about time Hailey turns off Instagram comments for good. 

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