Justin Bieber Just Gave A Surprise Public Performance 9 Months After Canceling His Tour

This is his first performance since cancelling his tour.

Bieber is back in business! After a long hiatus following the end of his "Purpose" tour, he is finally singing again! 

Fans were devastated last year when Justin abruptly cancelled the final leg of his last tour in July of 2017. Ever since then, Justin has been remaining relatively low and definitely hasn't made any surprise appearances or given any unexpected shows - until now. 

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After two days of fun in Coachella the sun, Justin decided that it was his turn to take center stage. Justin treated his fans to a surprise mini-concert at the festival grounds. The intimate performance featured two Christian worship songs, "Reckless Love" by Cory Asbury and "Tremble" by Mosaic MSC.

This was Justin's first live performance since the cancelled his tour last summer. Fans were so excited that they had the opportunity to see him perform live - especially since he wasn't scheduled to perform anything! 

Not too mention, the day before his impromptu performance, he did something else that was amazing! He actually saved a woman that was being physically assaulted at a party! Basically, Justin Bieber is officially the hero of Coachella... after Beyonce of course. 

Source: Hollywood Life

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