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Justin Bieber Punched A Man In The Face At Coachella And Here's What Happened

This is crazy!

We all know that Justin has had his fair share of anger issues when it comes to the media, angry crowds and the paparazzi. But before you go ahead and get any crazy ideas about Justin starting a fight with someone, let me tell you that Justin was actually the hero in this scenario. 

TMZ reported yesterday that Justin and his friend showed up to a party on Saturday. Justin was talking to some people when he noticed a man walk into the party, spot a woman and started going crazy on her! 

From bystanders, it looked like the man may have been the girl ex-boyfriend.

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The guy suddenly grabbed the woman by the throat and wouldn't let go. Justin and his friend started screaming at the guy to let her go but the man yelled back "Go f*ck yourself". 

At this point, Justin hit the man in the face and pushed him against the wall! While Justin had the man discombobulated, the woman was able to break free. 

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TMZ also reported that shortly after the altercation, the man was thrown out of the party but a little while later he was seen chasing an SUV that was believed to have Justin inside. He was screaming Justin's name while hitting the vehicle. 

According to sources at the party, the man appeared to be on drugs. The man was eventually arrested by police.

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