Listen, I've been to a few psychics before, and every single one of them have told me I have 'psychic abilities'. However, I've never predicted a relationship with a movie star before. And If I did, it would definitely not come true. Unlike us normal people, Katherine Schwarzenegger predicted her relationship with Chris Pratt in 2017 and his reaction to the video is absolutely adorable. 

In the video back in 2017, Katherine was doing an interview with Access and was quizzed on famous Chris's and which one she would rather date. In the interview, she was given the choice of Chris Pratt, her now fiance, Chris Hemsworth, or Chris Evans. While promoting his new movie, The Lego Movie 2, Access actually showed Chris the video for the very first time. And his reaction is exactly what we would expect from him. 

Sitting with Elizabeth Banks, his costar, Chris is shown the video of Katherine saying she would pick Chris Evans, to then turn it around and say Chris Pratt because 'he's been looking good lately', and then ended it with, "you never know". And Chris's face is absolutely priceless once he realized she chose him instead. 

@prattprattprattembedded via  

After watching the interview, he looks shocked and confused, as the interviewer tells Chris that this was two years ago. And then he proceeded to say, "When she said Chris Evans my heart sank and then she rescued it!" Not actually believing that was real, he laughed and said, "You guys just made that!" Nope. But you know who did? Fate. 

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The couple was first spotted together in 2018 after Katherine's mom set them up. How cute! And the rest is pretty much history. The two got engaged a few months later, and even his ex-wife and good friend Anna Faris congratulated them. You can watch the adorable video below, but let me warn you, you may cry happy tears. 

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