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Kendall Jenner Shaded Sofia Richie Again And It's Even More Savage Than The Last Time


It seems that Kendall is back at it again with shading Sofia and Scott's relationship and this time she's more savage than ever. You might remember a few weeks ago when Kendall took to Instagram with a little jab at the pair's relationship, specifically towards the age gap between Scott and Sofia:

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Though it seems Kendall is back for more after fans realized her most recent post features some significant resemblance to Sofia's. Kendall and Sofia actually used to be friends when they were younger, so the whole Scott/ Sofia situation is probably insanely weird but to take it public is definitely rare for the usually low-key Kendall. It all started back when Sofia posted a tribute to one of her childhood horses that passed away, regarded as "baby dragon:"

Via @sofiarichie

Not too long after her post, Kendall took to her own Instagram to post this photo of her new horse, regarding it as "baby dragon" as well:

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Fans are convinced that the unique name could not be a coincidence considering Kendall and Sofia run in too close of circles for Kendall to not know what Sofia called her own horse. Plus considering the horse was from her childhood back when Kendall and Sofia were friends, it seems unlikely she wouldn't have known.

Then again, this would be a pretty cruel move on Kendall's part considering the death of a childhood pet can be a pretty emotionally upsetting experience- would she really go that far?

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While we'll never know for sure, it's safe to say these two are definitely not as close as they once were now that Sofia and Scott are together. We definitely doubt they'll ever rekindle their friendship if/ when Scott and Sofia break up.

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