If you're one of the 2% that still thinks Kylie Jenner isn't pregnant - I hate to break it to you, but there's never been more proof that the youngest KarJenner is expecting. Many thought that Kylie's pregnancy would be revealed in the 25-days of Christmas photo series that the Kardashians debuted over the month of December. Kylie, notably absent from the shots, hadn't made an appearance in 24 days - prompting fans to think she was the big December 25th reveal. But of course, she was not. 

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The final photo displayed all of the KarJenners minus Kylie and Rob. While Rob is known for his elusiveness to the public eye, Kylie is not. In these photos, Khloe - who has now confirmed her pregnancy - isn't showing, making many believe these were taken around the 3-month mark of her pregnancy or earlier. Since Kylie is absent, some fans believe that she is further along in her pregnancy than Khloe. 

After months of speculation, Khloe happily debuted her baby bump to her fans earlier in December and to our delight, highlighted her growing baby bod in this sparkly one-piece. Khloe also revealed that she is 6-months along, for anyone guessing. At this rate, she will have a March baby! 

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While Kylie didn't publicize her attendance at Kris Jenner's famous Christmas Eve party - Khloe and Kylie confirmed that she did attend. Christmas morning, while all of the Kardashian siblings were spotted in matching onesies, Kylie opted out, sporting a white hoodie to seemingly camouflage her changing body. 

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TMZ confirmed that Kylie wore a tight-fitting dress and was 'obviously pregnant,' opting not to hide her figure from close friends and family. Whether she does an Instagram reveal like Khloe or waits for an episode of Keeping Up to spill the news, we'll just have to wait and see! 

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