Ever since Caitlyn Jenner released her tell-all book, The Secrets of My Life, featuring a few jabs at her ex, Kris Jenner, it's been pretty obvious that she's been booted from family get-togethers. Though in the wake of Kim, Kylie and Khloe all going through their pregnancies (and surrogacies), you would think the two sides would put their difference aside to celebrate all the new baby Kardashian/ Jenners. 

It seemed as though at least Caitlyn and Kylie were on decent terms after the 20-year-old gave birth to her baby Stormi on February 1st. While Jenner wasn't present at all in Kylie's 11 minutes baby tribute video, leading fans to speculate they weren't talking, a moment on Instagram seemed to clear the air. Caitlyn had posted this photo on Instagram to which Kylie had commented: "love you." 

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Though an Instagram comment is just that, a comment on social media. It doesn't mean that Caitlyn has actually seen any of the Kardashians recently or has truly reconciled with any of them. Though according to Khloe she might be the last of the bunch to end up forgiving her stepfather.

It all went down during an interview on a UK TV show called Lorraine where Khloe was asking about Caitlyn and her relationship with her. When asked if her upcoming baby birth would affect anything between her and Caitlyn she responded curtly with "I don't think it affects anything with Caitlyn. Things are just as they are." 

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So it seems Khloe has made it abundantly clear that at least for her, Caitlyn will not be in her life, baby or no baby. Whether this is the case for the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is still unknown, considering Kendall and Kylie are more likely to want to reconcile with their biological father in comparison to their step sisters, but who knows!

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