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Khloe Kardashian Just Revealed What She's Going To Name Her Baby

Finally, a normal name!

There are plenty of weird celebrity baby names. Apple. Bear. North. And while I'm sure some celebrities want to keep up with their famous peers, others would rather go traditional when naming their baby. Khloe Kardashian is one of those people. 

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Khloe made her first appearance since announcing her pregnancy. She pre-filmed an episode of the Elle DeGeneres Show that will air today, January 4th at 4p.m.  In that episode, Khloe talked all about her pregnancy, Kylie's pregnancy and what she wants to name her baby.

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Khloe has adjusted her eating and exercising appropriately, saying she'll allow herself her cravings but isn't over-doing it. When asked about Kylie's pregnancy, Khloe denied denied denied, though Ellen swore she could see in Khloe's eyes that Kylie really is pregnant! But finally, Ellen asked if Khloe knew the sex of her baby, which she currently does not.

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Though Khloe wants to and will be finding out the sex of her baby shortly, she already has ideas for names. If she has a boy, he will be named Tristan Jr. - plain and simple. But as for a girl? "I have no idea," says Khloe. "[It'll start with] a K or a T, for Tristan." How simple and sweet?! We can't wait to find out what kind of bundle you're having, Khloe!

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