Kim Kardashian is back at it again. Kim doesn't stay away from the spotlight for very long. She lays low every once in a while and then she pops back up in our feeds, usually with a super sexy picture to grab our attention.

The picture that Kim just posted literally did just that. Kim wished her fans a "HAPPY SUNDAY" by posting this super dreamy picture of herself lying in bed, basically naked.

It looks like she may even be on vacation! This is probably from her recent trip with her sister Kourtney. The only thing she's wearing in the picture is a couple dainty necklaces and some black underwear. Apart from that and the super luxurious sheets she's wrapped up in, she's probably naked.

Reports were released a few days ago stating that Kim is currently working on a new brand that will feature intimates, shapewear and lingerie. So, if she's going to start selling her own line of lingerie, it would make sense that she's going to post as many sexy selfies as possible. It is apart of her brand, after all.

@kimkardashianembedded via

We all know that Kim is a very savvy businesswoman. Do you think this is her way of subconsciously persuading you to buy her new line?

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