Kim Kardashian spilled all the deets recently of her reaction to Kayne's slavery comments. Her husband got in trouble last month for saying black slavery seemed like a choice. 

Kim revealed that even though she didn't have a public reaction, the couple actually fought about the comments at the time.  She revealed the more private side of the couple's relationship that she said social media and the cameras don't see. 

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In an interview at the CFDA Awards she revealed that she actually was very upset and cried, yelled, and even fought with her husband about him telling TMZ that 400 years of slavery seemed like a choice. 

Kayne even referenced the fight on his recent album. His track Wouldn't Leave, mentions a women crying and yelling, and saying they could have lost it all. 

Kim said that the song was incredibly touching to her and she has the utmost confidence in their marriage. 

While she acknowledges that he sometimes says things that are quite out there, she believes he is a truly genuine person and that people often misinterpret him, saying "I know what he really means when he says something and I know people will too at some point."

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Kim said that when Kayne played Wouldn't Leave for her prior to the track's release it meant a lot to her. 

Source: BBC

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