The Kardashians are known for making their business, everyone else's business. And this holiday season, that business included their glamorous version of an advent calendar. The Kardashians staged a photoshoot several months ago to celebrate their ever-growing family. The photos were released over 25 days in December, ultimately counting down to Christmas Day. 

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Many thought that the series would ultimately reveal Khloe and Kylie's pregnancies, as the two were rumoured to be pregnant at the time. During the month of December, Khloe formally announced her pregnancy to the public via an Instagram with her partner, Tristan Thompson, while Kylie has remained - pardon the pun - mum. 

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Many fans were upset that the photo series didn't reveal a pregnant Kylie and shared their disappointment on various social medias. Kim perhaps was getting the most backlash of all, seeing as her platform is the largest, but maintains that she deleted the pictures for her own reasons. 

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"[Deleting the photos] was always the plan," Kim confessed when a fan asked her why she deleted the photos from her feed. "I archived them so now my instagram feed vibe is back." 

Who knew Kim was so dedicated to her rose-gold, pink and grey look? Power to you, Kimmy. Feed on fleek. 

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