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Kylie Jenner Caught Underage Drinking With Travis Scott On Boat Date

Beers and boating.

Everyone needs to cut loose after becoming new parents, right? Well, apparently Kylie Jenner is just like the rest of us - only exception being - she's underage. Instead of partying at the Oscar's yesterday, Kylie and her baby daddy took off on a boat with a group of their closest friends to relax, drink and party.

The new parents were caught riding waves in Miami with Jordyn Woods and other friends. This seems to be the first official outing the parents have had together since they gave birth to their baby, Stormi. Considering Kylie is underage and a new mom, this outing may have been a bad idea.

Our best guess is that Kylie isn't breastfeeding and that's why she doesn't mind chugging back a crisp beer while sailing the Miami seas. Or maybe she was just re-arranging the bottles on deck? Either way, the two of them seem happy spending some time away from their baby and relaxing.

What's more therapeutic than beers and boating, am I right?

Source: TMZ

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