Oh snap, she's done it again. Not only did Kylie Jenner completely steal the spotlight last Sunday, she just took the award for the most liked photo on Instagram ever. Kylie's photo surpassed Beyonce's "Twin Pregnancy Announcement" photo that garnered 11.2 million likes and Christiano Ronaldo's "Birth Of His Fourth Child Announcement" photo that had 11.3 million likes!

Over the past nine months, we have all been waiting patiently on the edge of our seats to see whether or not Kylie Jenner was actually pregnant.

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On Sunday, she finally revealed to the world (via Instagram) that she was indeed pregnant, and not only that - she had already given birth to a beautiful baby girl. She posted a photo to Instagram explaining why she decided to keep her entire pregnancy as private as possible.

I'm sure you've already read it, but here is her official announcement regarding her pregnancy. Oh, and let's not forget that the photo below announcing her pregnancy already has over 10 million likes - and it's not even the most liked photo on Instagram.

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I don't know why, but even though there was so much evidence leading us to believe Kylie was pregnant, I was still genuinely surprised when she actually confirmed it.

While we were all recovering from the news that Kylie was actually pregnant this whole time, she dropped another bomb. She linked an 11-minute video recounting the past 9 months and BTS snippets from her incredibly sneaky pregnancy.

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The linked video received over 40 million views. Just when I thought she couldn't surprise us anymore, she quickly posted ANOTHER photo to Instagram. This time it was a photo of her baby girl and she revealed her name, Stormi Webster.

Well, here's the iconic photo.

The adorable photo has already received 13,793,604 likes after only being online for 20 hours.

This photo has already gone down in history as the most liked picture on Instagram to date. It will only gather more likes as time goes on. It's official, the Queen of Instagram is back and I'm expecting her to post more photos of her adorable baby girl.

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