Not only did young Kylie drop an insane 5 million dollars on a pile of dirt - but 5 million dollars cash. And while we're super confused as to why anyone would drop that kind of coin on something we can scoop up out of our backyards, it might be the placement of this dirt that had Kylie so ready to spend. 

This big patch of dirt is actually a 1.5acre lot next to Kylie 12 million dollar Hidden Hills mansion in California. TMZ reports that Kylie apparently plans to turn the giant plot into a garden and horse barn, considering there are dozens of horse trails near by. Kylie has been crazy vocal about wanting to raise chickens and fall off the grid, which seems a little whack for someone with a billion-dollar business? But who knows, maybe pregnancy has inspired Kylie to humble herself and get back to some good country roots. 

Whether she's building a farm or a nursery for her budding baby, Kylie will have a ton more room on her property, making her total estate an even 3 acres of land. But for now, KJ just dropped a lot of dough on dirt. To be continued. 

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