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Kylie Jenner The Queen Of Snapchat Is Finally Back Online And We're Excited AF


So, if you were living under a rock this past weekend then you may not know that Kylie Jenner officially announced her pregnancy. You know, the social media mogul who completely dropped off the face of the Earth last spring?

If you didn't know, Kylie Jenner - 20-year-old million dollar makeup mogul and Snapchat Queen - surprisingly vanished from her huge Instagram and Snapchat presence last year. Rumours have been swirling ever since about why the young star hasn't been present on her social channels! 

Anyway, since confirming her pregnancy on Sunday night, we've all been patiently waiting for her to come back online! Well, after months of radio silence, it's official: SHE. IS. BACK.

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Ever since getting pregnant, the social media star has been completely offline (apart from her team posting on @kyliecosmetics) - BUT, Kylie herself hasn't posted anything in months! Well, the wait is finally over. Last night, Kylie was posting tons of cute post-baby photos all over Snapchat.  @kyliesnapchatembedded via

It's very obvious by her Snapchat that the Kardashian clan have been right by her side this whole time, and they have been showering her brand new baby in elegant gifts and extravagant floral arrangments. 

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Her boo, Travis Scott even had 443 roses (the time that their baby was born) sent to Kylie! How adorable is that? I mean, if that's not extra, I don't know what is.  @kyliesnapchatembedded via

I think we can expect to see a glimpse of motherhood through the eyes of the socialite. I'm sure Kylie will want to show off her beautiful brand new baby as soon as possible!

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