In honour of 10 years of E!'s iconic Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the famous clan has spent time reminiscing about the show, their favourite moments and their surprising rise to fame. The youngest Kardashian-Jenner has spent almost half of her life on camera, which in turn has helped her land her own reality series and aided in the launch of the almost billion-dollar business, Kylie Cosmetics. 

via @kyliejenner

Kylie was a mere 10 years old when Keeping Up started filming in 2007. To which she says there are tons of embarrassing moments she suffered through on camera. However, one is more embarrassing than the rest. When asked which episode is her most cringe? "Probably the stripper pole ... The stripper pole was so embarrassing. I wish it never happened." 

"That's my favorite episode!" cried BFF/business partner Jordyn Woods. "Jordyn, of course that's your favourite episode." Kylie refuted. For fans who don't remember, Kylie and Kendall spent some time swinging around a pole installed by Mama Kris because #Kardashians, people. 

via @kyliejenner

Considering how unreliable Kylie is to us everyday gals (she later mentioned that her favourite episode of KUWTK is when her family goes to Colorado, Kim breaks Kris' Blackberry - a 2007 iPhone X) - it's good to know she has her own 'home movie' footage that she'd want to hide from a new boyfriend. Too bad it's on Youtube for everyone to see! 

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