Kylie Just Spilled All The Secrets She Hid During Her Pregnancy And We Are Shook

Can't get exposed if you share the secrets yourself.. right?

Kylie Jenner has been the talk of the celebrity world for what feels like ions thanks to her pregnancy. Now that baby Stormi is here (and very much real), it seems Kylie is finally opening up more about her journey to her fans past that 11-minute tribute that left the public realizing they were way too invested in her pregnancy in the first place. 

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It all started on Twitter when Kylie kickstarted an impromptu Q&A with her fans, answering tons of questions ranging from Stormi to her dog Norman! 

Kylie even ended up spilling that she didn't think Stormi was going to be a girl, rather she had planned for a boy instead! As well as letting fans know which sister she told about her pregnancy first: 

If you want to check out more details Kylie spilled, you can check out her Twitter feed here. It's clear that she is happier than ever with her new child and we couldn't be more excited for her! 

Original article from Naomi Lavoie - Narcity Québec

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