Last week Kylie got in trouble online for very obviously cropping her baby Stormi out of an Instagram post. She then reacted by deleting all of her photos with Stormi in them and saying she wouldn't be showing her daughter online anymore. 

It's only been a week but Kylie has already posted a video to her Instagram story featuring baby Stormi. 

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The video shows Kylie smiling and bouncing Stormi on her knee. The big thing about the video is that you can't see Stormi's face, which fans believe is why Kylie posted it as it is still more private. 

But last week's mass-deletion and the new video aren't the only drama on Kylie's IG lately. She is getting a lot of hate for the photos she posted on Father's Day. 

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On Sunday Kylie shared photos of her and Kendall and their dad, now Caitlyn Jenner, saying "so lucky to have you". However, she is getting called out for only posting throwback pictures, which show Caitlyn before she transitioned from male to female. 

Critics are saying the photos are transphobic and basically deny Caitlyn's true gender-identity by only showing pictures of when she was still male. While we don't know her stance on the photos, Caitlyn has come out in the past saying she is still their dad despite transitioning. 

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Kendall also shared photos of Caitlyn online for Father's Day but included photos from after her transition as well. 

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