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People Are Calling Kim Kardashian Out Over Her Controversial 'Bo Derek' Braids

Can you say appropriation?

Kim Kardashian was doing a great job at being unproblematic in the public eye for 2018. At least, for a little while.  These past few months, the star was waiting on the arrival of her new baby and kept a relatively low profile, only spotted a handful of times sporting the new Yeezy collection or long blonde locks. I almost can't remember the last time Kim did anything upsetting, but of course - it was only a matter of time. 

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Kim shared this photo on her Instagram yesterday flaunting her new hairstyle. She captioned it "Bo West' which alludes to film star, Bo Derek. Derek wore similar braids in the 1979 movie 10 - a style that also got scrutinized almost 40-years ago. 

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The braids are more accurately referred to as Fulani braids"a hairstyle inspired by the Fulani people of East Africa and West Africa and also worn by women of colour for centuries."

Twitter users were quick to call Kim out, both tweeting her facts and likening her to erratic Monica Gellar from FRIENDS.

@theperezhiltonembedded via Perez Hilton posted a snap of Kim for fans to weigh in only for child-star Lindsay Lohan to chime in, "I am confused," which basically summed up all of our feelings. Kim surprisingly found the comment and clapped back, "You Know what's confusing...your sudden foreign accent." Jeez, Kim! Can't you just admit you were wrong?!

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This sadly isn't the first time Kim has worn this hair style, as she shared this snap with Kanye just over a year ago - again citing Bo Derek as inspiration. It's unsettling to think that Kim doesn't understand what's wrong with this hairstyle, especially when she has mixed-race children of her own. She captioned the following snap with, "Can I get zero fucks please, thanks" which just shows how nonchalantly she's taking all of the public criticism. 

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