The royal wedding between Prince Harry and Megan Markle was just last month and completely took over the internet for the day.

Now of course basically the day after a royal wedding everyone starts wondering when exactly they can expect the new couple to start having children

Now usually that takes a few years but apparently with Prince Harry and Megan they’ve been getting an early start on it. Markle is already pregnant reportedly, and with a double surprise. 

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Apparently she's pregnant with twins already just a month after the wedding.

The couple allegedly found out about this after their honeymoon in East Africa.

It’s important to note at this point that none of this has been confirmed publicly by the couple or anyone in the royal family as of this time. 

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This report says that Prince William and Kate, Harry's brother and sister-in-law, were the first ones to receive the news from the newlywed couple.

The report also claims that Harry is planning on moving to the United States with Megan, who is American, to raise their children away from all of the trappings of the royal family. 

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According to one anonymous source the pair wanted to have a pregnancy as soon after the wedding as possible so that they didn’t wait until it was too late for Markle to have children. Markle turns 37 this summer.

Again absolutely none of this has been confirmed by the royal family officially but we all hope it’s true so that we can look forward to adorable baby photos in the near future. 


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