The Royal Wedding Planing continues! As we approach the Royal Wedding on May 19th  (a mere 5 months away!) we're receiving more and more details as to what we can expect! Her soon-to-be Royal Highness Meghan Markle has been stirring up the tabloids with her non-traditional choices for the big day!

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First of all, Meghan has decided to have a maid of honour instead of the traditional chief-bridesmaid. For those of you wondering what the difference is, a chief-bridesmaid is typically a woman who is unmarried to serve as the bride's right-hand on her wedding day. A married woman cannot be a chief bridesmaid. For this reason, we believe Meghan's best friend Jessica Mulroney will be her maid of honour! 

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Meghan and Harry are also trying to, "involve their friends and family as much in as much as possible throughout the day," claims a source. Their wedding will most likely be untraditional in many ways as, “Harry has never been one to follow instructions and both he and Meghan are extremely independent individuals. I wouldn’t imagine for one second that they plan to sit back and be told what to do — and they won’t … Their romance feels refreshingly modern and I think that’s something that everyone at Kensington Palace has felt incredibly excited by.”

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Meghan has also expressed interest in her mother walking her down the isle in lieu of her father, to whom she doesn't have a strong relationship. Meghan is sure to shake the dust off Palace traditions with her updated changes and we for one can't wait to see the results! 

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