On the heels of Meghan Markle's royal wedding, her ex Trevor Engelson is now reportedly engaged. 

Trevor and Meghan were married for two years. They got married in 2011, but their marriage ended a few short years later in 2013. 

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Their marriage didn't end well at all. Prior to Meghan getting married to Prince Harry, Trevor was still upset about the way Meghan ended things. Meghan ended their relationship abruptly which shocked Trevor. 

He said that the split came "totally out of the blue" and he was still angry about it years after they had broken up. 

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Now that Meghan has happily moved on with Prince Harry, it's time for Trevor to do the same. According to reports, he is now engaged to his girlfriend Tracey Kurland.

Reportedly, Trevor popped the question in Napa Valley and posted a celebratory picture on his private Instagram page, with a photo of his fiancee's diamond engagement ring. 

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Trevor Engelson is a 41-year-old film producer and talent agent and he's set to marry Tracey Kurland a nutritionist. 

Source: People Magazine

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