Netflix original movies are becoming known for their unique storylines and signing on A-list actors. The latest news from Netflix confirms that they just got worldwide rights to the new movie "The Last Summer" which star's K.J. Apa, known for playing Archie Andrews from Riverdale. 

It was announced in January that Apa had landed the leading role in the movie, but Netflix only just secured their rights. It must have been difficult considering that the cast is a chalked full of young stars like Tyler Posey, Maia Mitchell, and Halston Stage, to only name a few. 

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The movie is a romantic comedy based around a group of friends who are trying to figure life out before moving away to college at the end of the summer. It focuses on navigating relationships with friends and family before moving on to adulthood. 

Bill Bindley, the writer and director of the film, said that the cast has really made all the difference in this film. After growing up on films like "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and "Say Anything", he said "those films became iconic in large part because of their great casts," something he believes he captured in "The Last Summer". 

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An account on Instagram with the username @nothingnormal has been posting a series of photos with the cast and crew of the movie. IMDb cites Norman Johnson Jr., which is a name seen on one of @nothingnormal's posts, as a stunt double in the film. 

According to the account, shooting of the movie only just finished today. He also declared "The Last Summer" as one of the best movies based around summer in a while. 

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Considering the strong cast and Netflix interest in the film it seems like this will be a must-see. "The Last Summer" is set to come out in 2019. 

Source: Netflix

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