Nick Jonas has kept his dating life relatively quiet since his 2015 split from Olivia Culpo. Jonas and Culpo had a highly publicized 2-year relationship that was seemingly very happy before they eventually called it quits due to long distance. 

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Nick's list of ladies post his relationship with Olivia is super star studded, as the JoBro star has dated Kendall Jenner and Kate Hudson. But this latest addition to his dating roster might the best match for the Jealous singer. 

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You may not recognize Georgia Fowler or know her by name, but she's definitely a familiar face in the fashion world. And Hollywood's dating pool, for sure. Georgia allegedly had a fling with Harry Styles that was so wild, he wrote the song 'Kiwi' about her. 

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Rumours of Georgia and Nick have been stirring ever since 2016 and have only intensified as they continue to get spotted and photographed out on dates. But worry not ladies - a source reveals that the two are "not exclusive" ... even though she accompanied Nick to Joe's engagement party in the fall. 

Nick for one "isn't ready to settle down." Their romance is just budding with the two meeting each other's friends and keeping things casual. A source reveals they're just having fun and Nick finds Georgia, "really hot." Well duh! 

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