Okay, so we're 99% sure that Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are really dating and here's why.

Earlier this month, we reported on their mysterious relationship and it looked like they were definitely into eachother. It all started when Nick posted a very flirty comment on Priyanka's Instagram picture. 

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They've also been spotted together multiple times recently. They were recently seen in Los Angeles, getting escorted to their seats at a Dodger's game and seen again cuddling on a boat with friends.

But, it's never actually "serious" until you meet the family, right? In the picture above, you can see Nick and Priyanka at the airport before they jetted off on their latest adventure.

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Well, it looks like Nick has done just that. According to TMZ, Nick brought Priyanka to Atlantic City to attend his cousin's wedding! They were arm-in-arm at the wedding and we couldn't be happier for them. 

He even introduced her to his oldest brother, Kevin Jonas and his wife, Danielle. She apparently wore a gold dress and Nick was dressed up in a suit with white sneakers.


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It looks like they had a great time together! In the photo above, you can see them  laughing with members of Nick's family! It looks like this relationship is on the right track. 

We can't wait until they officially announce their relationship!

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