Arguably one of the greatest things to come out of Canadian pop culture besides Ryan Reynolds or Drake is the original, all-Canadian TV show, Degrassi. The show has had over 600 episodes across the TV show's multiple series. The show started as one series but branched off into varying series for each generation of Canadians. 

Degrassi followed the story of a group of Toronto teens navigating through high school. It's most recent series, Degrassi: Next Class was released on Netflix. But after season 4 of Next Class ended in 2017 fans have been in the dark on whether or not they'll be seeing more of the show and they are not happy about it. 

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The last episode aired on Netflix on July 7, 2017, but over a year later people still don't know whether or not the show has been renewed or canceled. 

Frustrated by the lack of information, fans have taken to Twitter to try to get some answers and they are pretty pissed. 

At this point it looks like even if the show was canceled fans would still prefer to find that out rather than be in this state of limbo, not knowing what is going to happen to their favourite tv world. 

Some are so desperate for information that they are going hunting for it themselves. One Reddit user shared a possible update on the show after she called to inquire about visiting the set but was told they didn't do Degrassi anymore. 

Minor Update on the Show's Fate from r/Degrassi

Fans desperate for more Degrassi, but at least they did get a bit of satisfaction recently when Drake filmed his "I'm Upset" music video back at Degrassi High with his original castmates. Drake was in the show as a teen before making it big in music. 

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