Twitter is showing no mercy to one of Ariana Grande's exes after rumours began to swirl that he was cheating on his current girlfriend. Ari is probably giggling at home while she reads the headlines, "Big Sean Allegedly Cheats On Long Time Girlfriend Jhene Aiko". The worst part about this story - she has a tattoo of Big Sean's face on her arm. 

Yesterday, reports surfaced that allege Big Sean may have cheated on his longtime girlfriend Jhene Aiko with none other than Pussycat Doll frontwoman and television personality, Nicole Scherzinger. 

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Allegedly, Sean and Nicole attended the Oscar's After Party, where they cozied up at a VIP table together. Sources say that they were all over each other and definitely looked like a couple. Cameras are not allowed inside of the party but that can't stop someone from telling Aiko.

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Big Sean and Aiko no longer follow each other on social media. The last photo of them together was from over a month ago, so maybe the rumours are true.

Here are some of the responses on Twitter about the whole situation. 

Despite Jhene and Sean's best efforts to cover this story up, fans are still completely convinced that they are broken up. Allegedly, Jhene and Sean got together while Ari and Sean were still dating, so fans don't feel too bad for Jhene. At the very least fans are excited about the post-breakup albums that will come out of this. Oh, and Ari? She's completely fine with her boo, Mac Miller. 

Source: In Touch Weekly

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