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Only 6 Stars Spoke To Ryan Seacrest On Oscars Red Carpet And It Was Awkward AF

Everyone avoided Seacrest at the E! Red Carpet.

Despite sexual harassment allegations, Ryan Seacrest was on the Oscars' red carpet last night and attempted to get some interviews as celebs walked by. Usually, Seacrest is known for being the centre of attention during the Oscars' red carpet, interviewing every major person that passes by, however this year was a little different. Even though he has firmly denied any accusations of harassment that come out about him, it appeared last night that no one wanted to associate with him.

Seacrest is usually busy interviewing every single actor and actresses nominated for Academy Awards and he could only chase down an abysmal six actors to interview - and even those interviews were awkward AF. 

Seacrest's incredibly low turnout on the carpet this year was limited to Tiffany Haddish, Allison Janney, Christopher Plummer, Richard Jenkins, Taraji P Henson and Mary J. Blige.

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The interviews were awkward, to say the least, Mary J Blige was sporting a "Time's Up" pin while speaking to Seacrest, so I'm sure she was reluctant to talk to the star accused of sexually harassing a co-worker in the entertainment industry. 

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Taraji P. Henson stopped to speak with the E! host, and lots of people are suspecting her of throwing some serious shade at the host. When being interviewed she said "The universe has a way of taking care of the good people", after her seemingly shady comment went viral, Henson went online and clarified that her comment was genuine towards Seacrest.

But by far, the most awkward conversation of all, was when Seacrest was interviewing Academy Award nominee, Christopher Plummer. If you didn't know, Plummer was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in All The Money In The World, a role he took on after Kevin Spacey was cut from the film. After allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct about Spacey were made public, Plummer took over his role.

When interviewing Plummer, Seacrest completely ignored this crucial fact but people took to Twitter to let Seacrest know just how awkward the whole interview was. It's also become a running joke that since Plummer replaced Spacey so last minute in the film and did so incredibly well, that he might now be the replacement person for all kinds of things - and we guess that also includes the E! red carpet host. 

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