Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, is known for her hippie lifestyle and carefree persona. Well, according to her relatives, her latest stunt has them all worried for her safety.

Last month, Paris made headlines after she was spotted kissing model, Cara Delevigne. Now, she's in the headlines for a completely different reason.

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Paris posted a video back in March of herself walking along the edge of a skyscraper. She was nonchalantly skipping along the side of a very very tall building when she turns around, does a little spin, and she stumbles. The end of the video catches her stumble and scream as she almost falls off of the building when the video is cut short.

According to reports, Cara was also there at the time that the video was shot. We're unsure if she was the one taking the video. 

Fans are comparing this video to her father's famous stunt with the baby in the blanket. Back at the height of Michael's fame, he was involved in a controversial stunt, where he dangled a baby in a blanket over the edge of a balcony railing. 

According to Page Six, relatives of Paris are concerned for her after seeing this footage and they're comparing it to Michael's baby blanket incident.

It also doesn't help that Paris captioned the video, "I almost died!" 

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