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People Are Livid With Kendall Jenner After Her "Important Announcement" Ended Up Being A Complete Scam

Both Kendall and Kris alluded to the announcement being a lot bigger of a deal than fans believe it should have been.

While Sunday was meant to just be about the Golden Globes, the Kardashians managed to find a way to be part of the talk of the night alongside the awards evening. Though rather than the focus being on Kim or Kylie, it was actually Kendall Jenner who people were waiting to hear from. 

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Kendall isn't a stranger to controversy but is arguably one of the most low key Kardashian sisters, so when Kris tweeted on Saturday that the 23-year-old model had a "special announcement," people were intrigued. Especially considering Kris' dramatic tone, people began to wonder just how serious the announcement was going to be. 

Many quickly assumed that the announcement had to do with Jenner's sexuality. While Kendall has addressed the topic before claiming she doesn't think she is a lesbian or bisexual, rumours have continued with many believing she is just in the closet. So Kris' cryptic tweets about Kendall sharing a "raw story" easily sent Twitter users who were under that impression into hysterics. 

Though when the day finally rolled around, the build-up of tweets and the cryptic video of Jenner ended up just leading to... a brand deal with Proactiv. The timing was meant to follow last year's Golden Globes when Jenner had been photographed at the event and her acne had been visible. 

In response, many people have been warning those who are struggling with acne not to trust Proactiv as a result of their own experiences with the brand. Even some are expressing their disappointment and frustration that Jenner would take advantage of a situation and people's insecurities to make money, where they are assuming Jenner doesn't even use Proactiv in the first place: 

Clearly, Kendall's announcement about being the new face of Proactiv isn't getting a very positive response, as most of the comments have been overwhelmingly critical. 

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Had Kris made less of a big deal about the sponsorship the day before, this most likely wouldn't have happened. Though it's inevitable that a celebrity taking a 'real' moment and capitalizing off of it is definitely going to ruffle a few feathers regardless. 

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