You ever had a really bad day at work? Where you make one tiny mistake and it all blows up in your face and throws everything off?

Well one Sony Pictures employee did not have a good day at work yesterday.

Because instead of uploading just the trailer of the upcoming movie 'Khali the Killer' to YouTube, they uploaded the entire movie for free.

Via Cardinalwood Content

How you accidentally upload an ENTIRE MOVIE instead of a trailer is beyond us, but obviously, the person clicked the wrong file without noticing the 90-minute video was released to the world. 

Sony eventually realized the mistake and took the movie down, but not until after 6 hours had passed by which time plenty of people had watched the movie.

People on Twitter have been giving it to Sony for the spectacular fail. 

Even the person who directed the movie got in on it.

Some people think this is a conspiracy to try to get people to watch the low budget movie.

If you really want to know what this movie is about you can see the trailer below.

And yes we mean the trailer, not the whole movie. 


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