Pete Davidson is officially moving on. While 2018 was definitely a rough year for the comedian, things are looking up. And like everything, people have mixed reviews about who he is dating. Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale were seen making out at a hockey game, and the internet is not having it. 

While it's Monday and we're all tired, new photos of Pete Davidson and now-probably-official-girlfriend Kate Beckinsale came out and they definitely are waking us up. I mean, you can really see them making out. Tongue and all. Cool. 

Yesterday, at the New York Rangers game, Pete and Kate thought they were on the kiss cam... but they weren't. Instead, they were just super into each other and also, Antoni from Queer Eye was sitting next to them probably so uncomfortable... as we all would be. You can see the photos below: 

@sgillon19embedded via  

Okay BUT let's admit that they look really cute and happy together. That's all that should matter. But the internet is also not having this relationship. I know everyone is sick of hearing about Pete and Ariana, but that's not the reason why fans don't love this relationship. Here are some not-so-happy tweets: 

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Okay, the last one really threw me for a loop. However, like always, if they're happy that's all that matters!!! Pete Davidson deserves happiness, let's remember that. And if it's making out with Kate Beckinsale at a hockey game, then so be it. 

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