It's a happy day for the Royal family, as Prince Louis, William and Kate's youngest son is being christened today! 

As everyone knows pretty much everything the Royals do is dripping with tradition and a christening is no different. But people can't seem to get passed one particular tradition the Royals will be doing today. 

Following the service at St. James' Palace today, there will be a reception where they serve tea and cake. But this is no ordinary cake, the guests will be enjoying a tier of cake from Will and Kate's wedding. 

People who were obviously very confused and a little grossed out given the fact that their wedding was made seven whole years ago. And you can bet that people took to Twitter to express their feelings. 

But thankfully our friends across the pond have jumped in to reassure us that this is actually a British tradition that a lot of people do. 

In old English traditions, the top tier of a couples wedding cake is a fruitcake loaded with brandy to preserve for the christening of the couple's future children. Will and Kate decided back in 2011 when they got married that they would be carrying on the tradition. 

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Slices from the seven-year-old wedding cake were also served at Prince George and Princess Charlotte's christenings. 

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