Members of the royal family almost never actually make any type of personal post on social media.

They hire professional public relations people to run all of their accounts for them as a way of ensuing no member posts something stupid that would harm the royal family by accident.

But apparently one of the Princes couldn’t resist getting a hold of the Twitter password earlier this week and posting something. 

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The actual Prince William totally bypassed the normal routine of just having the pros who run the account post something on his behalf and he did it himself. 

What was he posting about that had him skip by the normal way things work?

The World Cup of course.

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Specifically, England’s dramatic win over Colombia on penalty kicks. He took to Twitter to personally congratulate the team, saying, 'I couldn’t be prouder of @england - a victory in a penalty shootout! You have well and truly earned your place in the final eight of the #worldcup and you should know the whole country is right behind you for Saturday!' 

He finished with the words “Come on England!” and signed off as simply ‘W’.

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Prince William is a MASSIVE soccer fan, he’s the president of the English Football Association, and recently told someone that anyone who told him the score between England and Panama in a game earlier in the world cup would suffer the ‘pain of death.’ 

England’s next game is against Sweden on Saturday and you can bet the Prince will be glued to the TV yelling at it the whole time. 

Source: Elle

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