As the clock keeps ticking towards Kylie Jenner's due date, the young star is preparing herself more and more for the arrival of her child. Kylie is choosing not to be seen in public for the duration of her pregnancy, which is causing for some obstacles for the mega-star. 

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TMZ reports that Kylie has been taking 'pregnancy walks' with her friends and family around her house as opposed to outside. The paparazzi are more poised than ever around the star's Calabasas home, knowing a photo of pregnant Ms. Jenner could pay them millions. 

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Kylie is also unable to leave the house to take Lamaze classes. For those unfamiliar with this type of class, Lamaze is designed to make childbirth as easy as possible for the person delivering the child. Lamaze involves breathing exercises, stretching, hydrotherapy, massages, position changes and walking. It's rumoured that Kylie's best friend Jordan Woods has stepped in to be her partner for these exercises which poses the question...where's Travis Scott?

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The rapper and father to Kylie's unborn child has not been seen with or around Kylie since her mother, Kris Jenner's, famous Christmas Eve party. Many fans are speculating that the two might not be as solid as the Kardashians would like us to think...

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