It looks like Rihanna and Drake may never become the power couple the world desperately wants them to beJust a few days ago, the ANTI singer was spotted getting cozy with a mysterious man in the pool of a private villa in Spain. Pictures of the two were leaked online, and fans were frenzied.

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Even though Drake is old news when it comes to Rihanna's love life, many fans were still hopeful that the two would still get back together. They expressed their shock on Twitter with memes and the viral hashtag #RihannaHasAManParty.

The mysterious man was identified as Hassan Jameel. His family has a net worth of over a billion dollars and he is the current heir to their Saudi Toyota fortune. He's dated many beautiful women before, including supermodel Naomi Campbell who, by the way, wasn't too happy to find out that he was seeing Rihanna either (they're reportedly not on speaking terms at the moment).

Drake didn't stay idle about the situation though. Several sources say that he is currently seeing Ros Gold-Onwude, a sports reporter for NBC. He recently brought her as his date to the NBA Awards, but some believe it was all just a ploy to "numb the memories of Rihanna's touch."

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