Since last summer, Riverdale fans have been speculating that Betty and Jughead are secretly dating. Rumours started flying last summer when they were allegedly seen together, kissing. Cole Sprouse started posting gorgeous portraits of Lili on his Instagram and fans became obsessed with the secret affair.

We've been waiting for months for the successful couple to tell us the truth! Every time they are asked about the subject, they both remain tight-lipped about the whole thing.

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Just recently, Cole was asked straight up if he and Lili were dating by a fan at Comic-Con. His sly answer had us all suspecting that they actually are together. 

But, after attending RiverCon in Paris, they were seen out and about - kissing! They're not hiding their relationship anymore. They were seen together all over the city of love. 

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After leaving Paris, TMZ got the real scoop from Lili leaving LAX. The photographer was relentless when asking Cole and Lili questions about their trip to Paris. He also mentioned the PDA.

They both remained mum on the subject until the very last second when Lili spilled the beans. When TMZ asked her if they were dating, she finally said "it's obvious".

Well, there you have it. You can finally sleep well at night, knowing that Bughead has confirmed that they're together. 

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