Riverdale's Has The Most Insane Episode Coming Up And You'll Never Guess What It Is

Archie Andrews channeling his inner Troy Bolton?!

You can always count on Riverdale to keep things interesting. Seriously, the show's creators are ready to shake things up yet again after a seemingly normal return to television. While there aren't any murders, stabbings or assaults on the show after its return from the mid-season finale, Riverdale is going to get a lot more grim...just, not in the way we expected. 

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Two amazing worlds are colliding as Riverdale takes on - wait for it - a musical episode. There are few things better in life than musicals, let alone our favourite dreamy teenage cast transforming into a classic musical. 

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But the Riverdale kids aren't going to do just any musical - oh no. They're adapting a super dark, cult classic movie and making that into a musical. What movie, you ask? Why none other than Stephen King's Carrie - the gruesome highschool classic fuelled by bullying, pigs blood, and telepathy. 

Casey Cott, who plays Kevin Keller, released this detailed cast list of who's playing who in this horrifying episode. If you'll notice, Cole Sprouse is excluded from the list...perhaps because he can't sing? But stay tuned. 

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