Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir will be remembered for being the most decorated figure skaters in Olympic history and for having the craziest amount of sexual chemistry ever seen on the ice.

If you're new here, the dynamic duo has been skating together as a pair in competitions for over two entire decades! They grew up skating together and their chemistry and moves are completely flawless.

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Last night was their last Olympic event together where they snagged yet another Gold medal in PyeongChang. After seeing their live finale to their Olympic careers, fans couldn't help themselves by begging and pleading for the couple to get together.

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Virtue and Moir have always denied that there is any romance between the two, or that they've ever dated, but apparently, they actually have! They had a teeny tiny romance when they were just beginning to skate together. Just when you thought the pair couldn't get any cuter - they do. When Virtue was seven and Moir was nine, they "dated" for a few months. My heart is literally melting.

Here's an adorable clip of the two skating together when they were kids!

Hey, we all remember the first boy we ever had a crush on. You just probably didn't befriend him, train endlessly for years, and compete on a national stage with him. Either way, this idea of them having an adorable mini-romance when they were children just makes their story that much better!

Congrats again to Virtue and Moir for their big win!

Source: People

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