Tessa and Scott have been the age-old "are they or aren't they" debate that comes around every 4 years when they take the global stage. Though this year especially our tradition of dying over the should-be couple has transcended our Canadian territory and has now caught the attention of Olympic fans across the globe asking the same question "wait.. they AREN'T dating?!"

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Though with all the attention they've been getting, comes fans doing some digging and people are now convinced that an interview from a year ago exposes that the pair had at one point been in a relationship past their short-lived childhood coupling.

It all started during an interview where both Virtue and Moir played a "Newlyweds' style game where they had to answer questions for each other and see if they both got the same answer. It seemed like a typical interview until someone pointed out Scott had a pretty significant slip up:

Pair this with the other GIFs that people have been throwing around, half in disbelief that they aren't dating and half believing they must just be keeping their relationship private and it seems like there must be something more to the pair:

While we still don't know (and may never know) for sure what's going on between those two, it's safe to say regardless of their chemistry they are making headlines in other ways. Considering they just took gold along with the rest of their ice skating team, fans of Tessa and Scott have a lot to celebrate about! Though if you want to continue to die over how adorable they are you can totally pretend to not cry while watching them perform to Ed Sheeran's Perfect:

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