Selena Gomez has been the talk of the celebrity world regardless of her lack of music and acting endeavors as of late. Most of the talk has had to do with her on-again-off-again relationship with Justin Bieber as well as her choice to act in Woody Allen's latest flick that seems to have been shelved indefinitely. 

Apart from that Gomez seemed to have gone back under the radar, that is until a few days ago when paparazzi photos were released of the star enjoying her vacation in Australia. Unfortunately many felt entitled to give their two cents on the change in her body. 

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Gomez's fans were quick to try and protect her considering that her Lupus condition does come with the side effect of gaining and losing weight quite quickly. Though the trolls continued on to the point where Selena had to address it in this Instagram post: 

The star handled the situation gracefully but definitely put the trolls in their place for their ridiculous criticism. Apart from that, it seems Gomez is truly living her best life out on the gold coast. Regardless of her Lupus, her weight gain shouldn't have to be explained as a negative side effect, let the girl live! 

SourceNaomi Lavoie - Narcity Quebec 

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