It's no secret that Selena's mom hasn't necessarily been her daughter's biggest fan of recent, since her comments on Jelena have been pretty candid. Though you would have thought the public criticism from her own mother would have stopped there. Instead it seems the actor/ singer's mother has a lot more to say, but this time it has nothing to do with Justin.

Some of the more recent criticism that Selena Gomez has faced has had to do with her decision to act in an upcoming Woody Allen movie, A Rainy Day In New York, that was filmed over the course of last Summer. The movie also stars Call Me By Your Name's breakout star, Timotheé Chalamant. Woody Allen and everyone who has worked with him have come under scrutiny more than ever in the wake of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements due to Woody Allen's heavily speculated past of abuse and sexual assault.

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In interviews where she was asked about her decision to work with Woody Allen, she spews her usual message to treat people with kindness and respect others, doing a terrible job at offering a straight answer. However, after last night it seems it's not just the public and her fans who are disappointed, her mother is too. After a Selena fan asked for Selena to apologize on her mother's Instagram account, Selena's mother responded with this:

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It seems from the comment that this wasn't a decision that Selena's team had pushed her to do, which had been highly speculated by fans. Many thought that the decision had to do with her team's plan to further the star's acting career before she turned back to music. Though according to her own mother, she went against everybody's opinion to not take the role and did it anyways. It's definitely some sad news for Selena fans and women for the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements to say the least.

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While Selena has stayed dead silent on the matter so far, there is a silver lining considering at least one star from the same movie is taking action. Timotheé Chalamant posted this morning on Instagram that he will be donating his salary from the movie to charities in favour of the movements as well as queer youth. He also mentioned that at the time due to contract he cannot talk any further than what he already has on the topic, but hopes to in the future.

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