If we know anything about Seth Rogen, it's that he's 1. Hilarious 2. His laugh is hilarious and 3. He smokes a lot of weed. If you didn't already know that, then that's all you really need to know about the famous Canadian actor. 

It may not be 4/20 anymore, but in Seth's eyes, every day is 4/20. So, Seth posted a photo of himself and two other famous celebs smoking to celebrate the weed holiday. 

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In California and some other U.S. states, marijuana has become legal. In Canada, we are almost on our way. So it's natural for Seth and other celebs to post pictures of themselves getting high. 

Seth just shared a picture of himself and two other celebs that are famous for getting high and it's literally everything. 

Here's the picture that Seth shared with himself, Wiz Khalifa and the pot king himself, Snoop Dogg. He captioned the photo, "I know it’s not 4/20 anymore but I like this picture. When the three of us smoked there was this unspoken thing like “we found each other”."

Even if you don't agree with smoking weed, this picture is pretty hilarious. We're happy for Seth that he created an unspoken bond with his fellow weed-smoking celebs. 

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