Meghan Markle's wedding dress will no doubt be one of the most famous gowns of the year. Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen wedding gown dominated the bridal scene with thousands of designers mimicking the high neck and lace sleeves. Though her wedding was well over 6 years ago, the dress is still one referenced by many working-class brides who want the same, elegant look.

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We now know that Israeli fashion house Inbal Dror was contacted by the palace for official wedding dress sketches. Dror is a highly sought after wedding dress designer and has been worn by the closest thing we have to American royalty, Beyoncé. 

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Dror sent 3 sketches to the palace which eventually leaked online. TMZ obtained them and shared them as of recent. 

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Dror sent over sketches of 2 dresses, the first very Kate Middleton-esque with a full skirt and high neck. The second, a tapered mermaid-style dress with a lace panelled bodice and embellished sleeves. Dror is no doubt competing against the world's top designers for a chance to dress her royal highness, but by the looks of these sketches, she has a pretty good chance! 

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