After another stop on his Canadian mini-tour last night, Snoop Dogg's latest Instagram posts prove he is still desperately trying to be a Canadian. Snoop performed at Edmonton's Rogers Place last night and took advantage of the concert to show his full support for the Edmonton Oilers. 

When we say full support we mean Snoop went all out. Not only did he don a bright orange Oiler jersey with the number 19 on it, but he also topped it off with a matching bright orange Oilers toque as well. He even took it one step further by posting three different pictures of the Oilers outfit on his Instagram after the show.

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The homage to the Oilers could be simply because Rogers Place, where Snoop played last night is the home of the Edmonton Oilers, but this latest hockey love is part of a bigger pattern. In the past day, Snoop has also posted three other pictures while wearing the jersey of another Canadian hockey team. This time the team getting a shout-out is the Saskatoon Blades, a Western Hockey League team. They play out of the SaskTel Centre, where Snoop performed while wearing their jersey two days ago on February 19. 

After supporting local hockey teams at two out of four of his Canadian tour stops you could say that Snoop is just honouring the home team of the arenas he plays, but in my opinion, there is something else going on here. 

Snoop's sudden love of hockey comes not long after the rapper declared that he wanted to officially immigrate to Canada. 

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In his original declaration, Snoop Dogg raved about Canada and claimed that he would ideally have immigrated and become a Canadian citizen by January 2019. Obviously, that didn't happen but it looks like Snoop is keeping the dream alive. 

By wearing hockey jerseys specifically at his Canadian shows, I think Snoop is once again trying to prove just how much he loves Canada and really wants to be one of us. I mean what's more Canadian than being a hockey fan (besides maple syrup and poutine, of course.) 

Snoop Dogg is only two shows into his Canadian tour, so it remains yet to be seen if the rapper will also be donning hometeam jerseys at his next two shows as well. 

Tonight Snoop Dogg will take the stage at the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, home of the Calgary Flames. Tomorrow he will perform at the Rogers Arena, home of the Vancouver Canucks. 

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