This past weekend has been a whirlwind of drama for Sofia Richie and Scott Disick and it's not slowing down. Though news had come out that the couple had called it quits, they stepped out together Monday to shut down those rumours. 

On Monday the couple was seen running some errands around Calabasas, California. They were doing some groceries together and stopped for a quick coffee also.

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 In the photos, Richie was seen in leggings and a sports bra while hanging onto the arm of a bearded Disick. Their outing confirmed that this couple is still going strong. 

The outing comes along with an Instagram story Disick posted that read "we had no idea we had even broke up but thanks for thinking of us." He also posted a photo of the couple on Instagram late Monday evening. 

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The posts come amongst more scandal that Disick was cheating on Richie during Kanye West's Ye release party in Wyoming. It was overhead that Disick was telling people he was single and was cuddling up to another woman. 

Let's hope these lovebirds stick it out for the long haul but knowing Hollywood relationships, a week without rumours may be too much to ask for. 

Source: Just Jared 

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